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O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together. Psalm 34:3

We are giving local talent a platform to practice what you praise in our 4th Annual Fall Fest. So make it an extra-special by joining us!

Click Here for Fall Fest Talent  Show Registration
1 PM 10-19-2019
3215 Lyons Ave
Lyons Unity MBC Parking Lot
Houston TX 77020

Prizes: Awarded in 5 categories:
1) Mime
2) Praise Dance
3) Step Show
4) Talent Show
5) Comedy Show


Winners will be invited to receive:

  • Public recognition of their achievement
  • Dinner at winner’s choice of Houston restaurants
  • Promotional video of performance
  • An I 💙 Youston T-Shirt



  1. Teams receive order of performance at check in 30 minutes before event near reserved section.
  2. Teams should already be dressed for performance when they arrive, if at all possible.
  3. Music should be uploaded, emailed, or provided via digital media at check in prior to competition.
  4. Each team has 1 minute to set up, up to 5 minutes to perform, and performance time clock starts on the first sign, movement, word, or song from the performing team after setup. 2 points will be deducted from team’s final score for each minute over time limit or props etc. left after performance.
  5. No profanity/explicit content is allowed within any portion of show/performance.
  6. Group photo of all participants and winning teams will be taken during awards ceremony.
  7. Participants release use of any photo or video footage from performance for publication, waive liability, and understand everyone participates at one’s own risk, and agree to the same.
  8. Judge score sheets are available to Team Leader upon request within 5-7 business days of the event
  9. Call, text, or email any questions, issues, or concerns to co-host:

Craig Nicholas

Performances will be judged based on:
25% Originality/Creativity
20% Difficulty/Complexity/Technical Merit
20% Audience Engagement/Showmanship
20% Overall Impression/Performance Presentation
10% Energy/Enthusiasm
5% Overall Appearance

3 Ways to Register:
1) ONLINE: Joseph4HoustonB.com/contest
2) EMAIL: FallFestTalent@Joseph4HoustonB.com

4206 Lyons Ave
Houston TX 77020

by 12:00 AM CST 10-19-2019.

In Partnership with:
James “Joe” Joseph for At Large Position #4
Lyons Unity MBC
Fifth Ward Civic Club
KMJ Fashion Boutique
Houston Urban Consulting
Neighborhood Enrichment Xchange
Blocks Organizing Neighborhood Defense-5th Ward Chapter

KMJ Fashion Boutique


Download or Preview Talent Show:

Download or Preview Essay Contest:

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