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We are giving local talent a platform to practice what you praise in our 4th Annual Fall Fest. So make it an extra-special and send in your entry!

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Prizes: Awarded in 4 categories:

  1. Elementary grades 5 and under
  2. Middle School grades 6-8, and
  3. High School grades 9-12
  4. College Level

Winners will be invited to receive:

  • Dinner at winner’s choice of Houston restaurants
  • Artist’s Rendition of Black Wall Street showcasing a piece of Houston History of over 60 Historical Black businesses.
  • Podcast promotion of winner’s essay.
  • An I 💙 Youston T-Shirt
  • Public recognition of achievement both at your church and at:

Fall Fest Essay Exhibition
12 – 6 PM 10-19-2019
3215 Lyons Ave
Lyons Unity MBC Parking Lot
Houston TX 77020

Submissions must include:
a) The Nominee’s Name, your name, parent(s) name, & phone #.
b) 250 – 1,000 word essay on your response to one of the following prompts:

  1. “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept…” – Angela Y. Davis
  2. Share your vision for a Wakanda Experience for Houston or in your community?
  3. How would you galvanize the community on your idea to improve Houston?
  4. Where in Houston would be most strategic for business development?
  5. Explain the Riddle: To reap where you have not sown and harvest where you have not planted.
  6. What lesson from our roots inspires you most?
  7. Why does the Houston City Council election matter to you?

Judging – Essays will be scored based on:
25% Originality/Creativity
20% Difficulty/Complexity/Technical Merit
20% Use of Research
20% Overall Impression/Presentation
10% Depth of View
5% Style

3 Ways to Submit:

4206 Lyons Ave
Houston TX 77020

by 12:00 AM CST 10-19-2019.

In Partnership with:
James “Joe” Joseph for At Large Postion #4
Lyons Unity MBC
Fifth Ward Civic Club
KMJ Fashion Boutique
Houston Urban Consulting
Neighborhood Enrichment Xchange
Blocks Organizing Neighborhood Defense-5th Ward Chapter


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