Joe’s Story

Background, Education, Leadership, and Community

James Joe Joseph is a native Houstonian, business owner, community servant, father, and CEO of Neighborhood Enrichment Xchange. Building strategic relationships that give voice to the community while sharing knowledge, experience, and leadership are among Joe’s passions with Houston’s disadvantaged neighbors. The legendary Texas Southern University debate coach and pastor, Dr. Theodore Freeman, is Joe’s longtime mentor.

Beyond Joe’s public affairs degree and business minor from Texas Southern University Barbara Jordan – Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs, Joe holds distinction with Iota Phi Lambda Business Sorority, National Society of Leadership and Success, American Planning Association, and True Level Lodge #226.

He draws upon an extensive background with over 20 years in management and contributions to communities that underscore his commitment to excellence, leadership, and advocacy. He is a minister of the gospel where he serves as associate pastor of Lyons Unity MBC, and an author of two books published internationally that encourage the less fortunate on how to establish and grow entrepreneurial opportunities.

Through his founding organizations, Neighborhood Enrichment Xchange, a non-profit community development organization, Joe established a strategic working partnership with Rice University Center for Civic Leadership, and serves on the Blue Ribbon Committee for Houston Community College North East, president of Superneighborhood #55, 5th Ward Civic Club, as well as the current president of Blocks Organizing Neighborhood Defense, a crime prevention organization established by former Houston Police Chief and Mayor, Lee Brown in 1989.

Having helped over 240 seniors  get into new homes at no cost and get much needed utility assistance, led the efforts to get over 300 street lights turned on, Joe also established partnerships with Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz and 5,000 volunteers to paint and repair windows and roofs on homes for 1,200 residents in 5th Ward. He has galvanized 6 organizations including 358 students through Rice University’s Center for Civic Leadership, Stop Hunger Now, Target Hunger, Houston Food Bank, Neighborhood Enrichment Xchange, and The Last Organic Outpost to work community gardens in food deserts and feed over 60,000 Houston seniors. Joe’s successful advocacy and organizing efforts to fight hunger have led to a major grocery chain opening a new store in September 2019 on Lyons Ave.

Now a large, diverse, group of Houstonians are joining Joe with a bold, marvelous, new militancy to make Houston an incubator for investment and innovation, promote a better quality of life, and strengthen communities. Joe puts people to work every day throughout the city on cleanup efforts as an independent contractor. Joe’s contributions to service above self, have been recognized on the local, state, and congressional levels with awards, letters, and most of all, thanks.