Joe’s Vision for Houston

Mission: I, James Joseph, am running  because I love the great opportunity Houston has given me to prosper, give back, and serve as a community leader for many years.  We each may contribute a verse to the story of Houston’s unquenchable fire. I aim to give voice to community concerns and play a strategic role in Houston’s future.

Goals/Issues: My pledge and promise is to lead the fight for stronger communities. My plan is to:

a) Cleanup illegal dumping to beautify our neighborhoods.
b) Bring more police protection so our seniors and children can be safe.
c) Improve infrastructure to bring more business, including major grocery chains to the food deserts throughout Houston.

I will offer a bold, marvelous, new militancy Houston needs to channel our city’s infrastructure for smart growth, better quality of life, and stronger communities. Just as much as Houston’s progress will be driven by ideas, energy, and actions from within. My efforts are to make Houston an incubator for investment and innovation that our city needs to make Houston better.

Houston plays a strategic role on where 15 miles of transit-oriented development may improve the 2 hour journey on METRO from Bush Airport just to get downtown. Millions of people who come and go through Houston can experience how better mobility and smart growth by improved infrastructure, more business, and quality of life in District B. It has been 15 years since Mayor Lee Brown’s vision started to move Houston forward. A large, diverse, group of Houstonians are supporting and joining me in my campaign to ensure the next 15 years offers a legacy true to Houston’s full potential.

Instead of giveaways or kickbacks to business normally used to incentivize their investment to an area, we simply need to lead the way to get businesses jockeying for position. Expanding METRO to connect Bush airport could mean one to two dozen transit-oriented development projects that could attract investment and business to improve the quality of life in our city. Alot of what also encourages commerce is when the community is beautiful and safe. If we incentivize community gardens, farmers markets, community co-ops, hackathons, incubation projects, and adopt best practices from other municipalities, we may create better systems to deal with emerging community concerns.

With the rise of Nextdoor and other non-government measures to help neighbors feel safe, we must do our part to make sure city governance is doing its part to ensure foster stronger communities.  Accountability systems play a big part in how communities change and create more of the conditions we desire. Encouraging neighbors to use the underutilized tool SeeClickFix lets us track and map action by responsible parties on concerns in real-time.

To make honey and solve Houston’s problems we need to cross-pollenate ideas and solutions. My campaign is distinguished in part by how I have been leading change in my community for some time.

From serving on the HCC’s Blue Ribbon Committee to building homes for those in need, I have been on the pulse of what our community needs through the conversations I have fostered from events and block walking my city. This year will continue with my 4th Annual Fall Fest with turkey giveaways to families in need and a forum for community leaders to engage their constituents. My contributions to community have been recognized on the national, state, and local level, through Congress, state officials, honors by Iota Phi Lambda, and the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Since promoting commerce begins with us, I boldly challenge my fellow city council candidates to show solidarity with me and pledge:

To spend all campaign expenses on (signage, printed materials, catering, events, etc.) with minority-owned businesses in Houston.

Lyons Avenue was once a mecca for Black owned business; Acres Homes was settled by many independent-minded souls who sought a better life. As activist Angela Davis still inspires our cause,


“I no longer accept the things I cannot change; I change the things I no longer accept.”


We will all be held accountable for what we have been given. I will offer the bold leadership to move the needle where it counts for Houston.


Yours in Service,

James “Joe” Joseph